Boiler & Gas Turbine Components
Acoustic Cleaners
Boiler Access Doors
Boiler Tube Coating
Boiler Tubing
CE Windbox Parts
Furnace Air Nozzles
Furnace Coal Nozzles
Furnace Gas Nozzles
Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Package Boilers
Pulverizer Parts
Gas turbine filter housing repair and replacement
Gas turbine inlet chilling systems
Gas turbine exhaust and silencer systems

Cooling Towers
GEA Dry ooling
GEA Wet Cooling Towers
GEA Natural Draft Cooling Towers

Dampers & Expansion Joints
Expansion Joint Installation
Fabric Expansion Joints
Flexible Metal Hose
Metal Expansion Joints

Air Pollution Control Equipment
Air Cannons for Catalyst Cleaning
Acoustic Horns for Catalyst Cleaning
Duct Work Repair and Installation
Electrostatic Precipitators
Electrostatic Precipitators Rebuild Services
Equipment and Ductwork Protective Coatings
Fabric Filters
SCR Catalyst Changeout
SCR Catalyst Management Services
SCR Catalyst LPA Screens
SCR Catalyst Testing
Scrubber Coatings

Heat Exchangers & Condensers
Ecolaire Surface Condensers
Yuba Feedwater Heaters
Heat Exchanges
Air Heaters

Ammonia Slip Analyzers
CO Analyzers
Coal Fire Detection Systems
Continuous Emission Analyzer Systems
Infrared Pyrometers
Opacity Monitors
Oxygen Analyzers
Portable Emission Analyzers
Thermal Imaging Systems

Rubber Seat Butterfly Valves

Waste Water Treatment Equipment
Bar Screens
Compressible Media Filter
Screw Pumps